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welcome to Hartbeeps South East London
Lotte Layzell
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Having attended Lotte’s Hartbeeps sessions for a while with my little boy, I couldn’t wait to book her for his birthday. Lotte is fantastic. The pace of activities is great, never a dull moment. There is a varied mix of sensory, song and story telling all with incredible props. We absolutely love Hartbeeps and would highly recommend the weekly sessions and booking them for a party. Anna
Thank you guys for such an amazing job today at my son's 1st birthday party. We absolutely loved having you there and all the kids had fun! Amarjeeet on Facebook
Best classes ever. I have tried and tested almost every class in our area and I have to say there are no competition. My LO enjoys it allot, very interactive, musical and entertaining for both of us. I now have to chose a second class for her and I'm lost with what to choose.. Yelena - Dulwich
We started going to baby bells when my eldest was tiny, four years later we're now going to happy house with babies number two and three and still love it! Lotte and her team are endlessly enthusiastic and I've loved watching how my children have engaged with the different sessions over the years as much as they've enjoyed joining in with the Hartbeeps craziness! Sarah & Milo Crystal Palace
My daughter and I both love Hartbeeps -- I love seeing her excitement and delight at the new adventures we go on every week and it's the one class we've stuck with from newborn through to toddlerhood. What's brilliant about the classes is that though each week has something new, it's got a predictable structure that means it's reassuring and familiar for little ones. The songs seem a bit crazy at first but quickly become addictive. Our session leader, Lotte, is a large part of why we've kept coming back -- she's such a natural and made us feel at home immediately, even though we were both a little shy at first! Lauren & Margaux - Herne Hill
Daisy (22 months) LOVES Happy House, she sings the songs on the way to our session each week and I often catch her doing ‘listening ears’ with sticks at home! The sessions are fun and lively with plenty of music, bubbles and just the right amount of repetitive things (Adrian the mouse always a hit!) and also new adventures each week filled with dressing up, singing and activity. It keeps me amused as much as Daisy! Clare & Daisy - Nunhead
After a tough delivery of my second child and a 15 month old to look after as well as a newborn, I really struggled. Thankfully we found Happy House and it certainly became our happy place. It was so wonderful to find such an engaging group with sensory stimulation that works for toddlers as well as babies. You get the opportunity to spend time with your children in a friendly and relaxed environment without having to run around after your toddler with baby in tow. Lotte always made sure my baby and toddler both had toys and props and were engaged in the class. We’ve been to quite a few classes where it feels like more work looking after your children than at home. If my older child loses interest, he starts trying to leave midway through classes. Thankfully, this has never happened at Happy House. The children so look forward to going on a Monday morning. Their faces both light up when the class begins. The songs from the class have integrated in our lives to the point that my toddler likes to have the Happy House quiet time simulated as part of his bedtime routine. Thanks so much to Lotte for running such an excellent and inclusive class - you are a lifesaver! Jessica - Herne Hill
I have been going to Lotte’s classes for the last 5 months. I can not praise her and hartbeeps enough. My little son loves the classes and so do I. He gets really stimulated and has lots of fun. Every week we live such a great adventure in the wonderful baby land! Lucia
Thank you guys for such an amazing job today at my son's 1st birthday party. We absolutely loved having you there and all the kids had fun! Amarjeet
Both my children went to Hartbeeps with Lotte and we looked forward to it every week especially the dressing up and wig wearing! I made some really great friends at the groups too so it's brilliant for meeting like minded mums. And who doesn't love singing along to Superstars in a banana hat?! Lucy & Lara - Crystal Palace
A quick note to say how sad we were when you finished up in Forest Hill and we are so happy you are returning to our neighborhood. My daughter loves your classes - we have tried a few and they are one the best around (and we've tried a few!). A great mix of activity and learning, delivered in such a fun and energetic way. Thanks for making us feel so welcome too. Brid - Forest Hill