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About Hartbeeps

Sarah Godwin's Amazing Story

“It is both touching and humbling to see a tiny baby communicating intimately with their parents through music.”

Having grown up with a mother who was a preschool teacher I was surprised, when I took my oldest daughter Georgie to baby music groups,that so little had changed since I was small. Nursery rhymes are heritage songs, and I love them, so I felt that more could be done to bring them to life in all their colour and richness, just like a theatrical production company would do. With this in mind an idea flickered and grew, sparked action, and Hartbeeps was born.

Our guiding principles

We operate our business under these guiding principles

We are Inclusive

We accept every child for who they are. Nobody feels excluded or unwanted. We welcome their differences. Parents appreciate that we engage with everyone and never tell children how to behave – we just have fun. .

We are Edgy

We're different. We are not doing what every other music group is doing. We constantly push the boundaries, push ourselves, and are not afraid to put ourselves ‘out there’

We are Magical

A Hartbeeps session takes everyone to a place where magic happens, where parents and children play and enjoy each other’s company, where real life doesn’t intrude, where they dance and sing. Our sessions are enchanting, extraordinary, fascinating, wonderful... and magical!

We are Modern

For us being modern means understanding what parents and their little ones see on TV and social media and making sure our sessions reflect contemporary issues and feelings, the things that matter to the current generation. We constantly review and update our sessions in line with current thinking.

We generate Awe

There's a very special moment before you begin a class. It's busy and chatty as the group settles. Then we begin, and everyone is immediately engaged. You should see the looks of disbelief on the faces of parents when their usually shy, reserved or disruptive child is instantly immersed. There's a very real sense of awe in the room.

We have lots of Empathy

Many of our Imaginators are parents who've enjoyed Hartbeeps themselves. We get what it is to be a parent and empathise with how they're feeling, especially new parents.

We deliver the Feel Good Factor

Grown-ups and children leave our sessions  happy and smiling, relaxed and energised, having had a wonderful time totally immersed in our activities.

We are Kind

Hartbeeps classes are always delivered with kindness. We're on parents' side, there to support them, going the extra mile to help them enjoy special moments with their babies and children.


Since 2004 Hartbeeps has been delivering it’s unique blend of original music classes and mini productions to 1000’s of babies and children. Challenging accepted definitions of ‘baby and toddler’ music classes

We create innovative, multi-sensory and highly interactive productions for the very young. By transforming everyday environments into colourful, tactile ‘wonderlands’ we invite our participants to join us in a world of the imagination.

Using clever state of the art music production, original music composition, sound effects, songs and sound plays, lighting effects, innovative props and puppetry, together with a vast array of multi-sensory techniques, we create original and highly specialised experiences for our young Hartbeepers.


Sarah started trialling sessions in the local community centre in Watford, Hertfordshire. Going under the name Heartbeat Productions…the children simply called it ‘Hartbeeps’ and the name grew with us.


Hartbeeps launched its first session at the Cafe Cha in Cassiobury Park, Watford and quickly grew to 4 sessions a day, 5 days a week.


Sarah gave birth to her third child and during this time she wrote Baby Land a specialist two part programme for pre-mobile and mobile babies.


The Hartbeeps team grew from 2 to 8; delivering specialist sessions from newborn and up to 5 years, parties, productions, outdoor events, courses for children’s centres and nurseries, along with bespoke one off sessions for children with additional needs and children in hospital locally in and around a 10 mile radius of Watford.


The Hartbeeps team were delivering 95 weekly sessions, the love was spreading and it was the right time for Hartbeeps to move further afield. The result - a low cost, organic franchise model was developed and implemented by several new franchisees Our first franchisees were Ruth Colin, Anna Hallard, Suzanne

Mahoney and Natasha Starr and we are delighted to say that they all still work with us today . During the next four years, just as we have carefully developed our programmes and the content, we have carefully developed a business model that is robust, honest and fun, it is realistic, ethical, rewarding and totally flexible. To find out more visit


Over 60 franchisees now operate here in the UK, Scotland and overseas…yes we have exported our UK brand to Australia, Dubai, Spain and Hong Kong….Music is truly universal and no matter how we differ in culture we all play to discover when we are children.


30 and growing, franchisee's running their own fabulous businesses here in the UK and overseas, with a reach of 30,000 + we are spreading the magic and loving every day!


Children’s Air Ambulance announce their fundraising partnership and work begins on a new website.


170 fabulous franchisees growing and flourishing their Hartbeeps businesses world wide.

The future looks full full full of Hartbeeps love!