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Bryony Myers - Session Leader
Bryony Myers

Hi, my name is Bryony and I own the Hartbeeps franchise for North Surrey! I first fell in love with Hartbeeps when I took my little boy to Baby Bells in Berkshire when he was 4 months old. I'd tried other baby classes but when I entered the wonderland of Hartbeeps I remember my open mouthed expression the whole session - I couldn't believe the amount of props, lights, and sensory activities they had planned! I felt like I had fallen down a "rabbit-hole" into a magical fairytale wonderland. It was MAGIC.

I continued my Hartbeeps journey attending sessions every week and when my little boy was 14 months old I joined the Berkshire team and began running 15 classes a week across Maidenhead and Windsor. I then took the plunge in September 2017, and bought my own Hartbeeps franchise to spread the magic of Hartbeeps to North Surrey!! I have absolutely LOVED every second of this journey since September 2017, all the mums and little ones I have met and helped grow and nurture have been so wonderful, kind and supportive.

I am a mum myself, not a huge corporation - and I run these classes because I genuinely love seeing little ones smile, laugh and the mums have time enjoying their babies. I suffered with PND after the birth of my little boy, and (without sounding like a cheese monster) Hartbeeps helped me so much! The silliness and light heartedness of the sessions allowed me to enjoy my baby, take some pressure off and bond with him in a supportive environment. It is so hard being a new mum, thrown into a world of nappies, feeding round the clock, lack of sleep... but at Hartbeeps, we say, its ok! Don't worry if you are tired, you have had a bad morning (or night) come along, smile, laugh, and enjoy your baby.....we have your back! Our sessions are inclusive and supportive of everyone, dads and grandmas too! We welcome everyone to our little wonderland. I hope I get to see you down the rabbit hole soon!

Love and Magic Sprinkles,

Bryony x

Lorna Fontaine
Lorna Fontaine

My name is Lorna. I am new to Hartbeeps North Surrey and I will be bringing you new classes in the Autumn. I originally heard about Hartbeeps after my Mum friends where raving about it and how AWESOME it was so thought i would see what all the fuss is about . As soon as I was told to sit on a toadstool I knew it was for me

I have been a childminder for 10 years and took my minded children as well as my 2 year old daughter and we all instantly feel in love with the heartbeeps classes

Whats not to love??? Dancing, singing, instrument's, dress up and imagination, everything to aid children's development with a SUPER FUN twist and adults are encouraged to join in, YES PLEASE!! No need to ask me twice

So when Bryony offered me a job i could not turn her down

I really look forward to meeting you and your children in my classes and having mountains of fun with little giggles and magic sprinkles!

Lorna xx

Hannah Imms
Hannah Imms

Hi Everyone, I'm Hannah!

I'm a mummy to three children; a teenager and two toddlers. I love cake (both eating it and baking), singing and dancing, particularly around the front room doing our best Von Trapp family impression with my little ones!
I have spent many years teaching dance and performance classes for children from 2-16 years, and working in Primary schools specialising in SEN, before taking a break to have my youngest children.
I came across Hartbeeps when I caught the tail end of a class last year, and immediately thought “that's a bit of me". What could be better than spending your time 'working' surrounded by the awe and wonder created by singing, movement and sensory fun in the classes???
So, when I found out that Bryony was looking to expand her team, I knew I had to join! I love that the classes are not only great for your little ones development, but also super fun for adults too!

I can't wait to take you all on loads of adventures!

Magic Sprinkles,

Hannah x

Sarah Gibbons
Sarah Gibbons
My name is Sarah and I'm relatively new to the wonderful world of Hartbeeps.
I had my son Christmas Eve 2017 but it wasn't until we joined baby beeps in September 2018 that I realised how much fun baby classes can be for both parents and babies! We both loved it from day 1!
I am so excited to be joining the North Surrey Hartbeeps team! I can't think of a better way to spend my days than bringing smiles to little (and big) faces.
Plus I get my very own Num Num and Moo ! What can be better than that!
I can't wait to get stuck in, in the new year and to meet all your gorgeous little ones!
Sarah xxx
"Amazing classes! My little boy is an absolute fan of the babybeeps classes. ore and more smiles every week!"
"Started taking my baby along to our local session and she absolutely loves it."
"What a magical experience! For both baby and me.. My group organiser … is absolutely lovely and is so in tune with the mums and babies. you can tell she really loves her job too"