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Hartbeeps North Kent

Sarah Hurrell
Sarah Hurrell - Session Leader
Sarah Hurrell

Hello, I'm Sarah, owner of Hartbeeps North Kent and mum to two cheeky little boys.

I found Hartbeeps as a new mum and fell in love with the magic and wonder of the classes. Every week my sons and I were transported to a musical wonderland, filled with puppets, bubbles, sound play and light shows.

One week, we could be visiting the duck pond, the next zooming to the moon. I quickly realised that I loved Hartbeeps sessions as much as they did!

With original soundtracks brought to life through interactive puppetry, props and lots of fun; Hartbeeps is a magical oasis where your child is the centre of his or her own adventure in a highly engaging, interactive world.

Hartbeeps also has a focus on child development. All our adventures are linked to the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), which will support your child to learn and develop through the medium of play.

I can't wait to share this crazy, wonderful and exciting world with you and your little one in class or at a Hartbeeps Party very soon.

Sarah x


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kelly and I am mum to my lovely little Lola and beagle bum Frankie. I discovered Hartbeeps when a friend took me along to a session. I got that tingly feeling straight away, my feet began to itch and I knew instantly that this was a rabbit hole I wanted to jump into, headfirst!

I have a degree in Childhood Development and over ten years' experience of working in primary schools. Children have always been a wonder and a fascination to me and helping children learn and develop brings me pure joy. I love to learn and believe we never stop, 'every day is a school day' and this is never truer when working with children. They can teach us so much too!

I'm so passionate about Hartbeeps and I've been fortunate enough to join the North Kent team! Hartbeeps is so well supported by research and development experts, I love delivering the classes and it also gives ME opportunities to further learn how to support and engage in Lola's development at home.

I can't wait to explore this magical world of Hartbeeps with you and your unique and wonderful Beepers.

Love Kelly xx


Hello. I'm Emma, Mum to Phoebe. I attended Hartbeeps with her from just 7 weeks old, we only finished when she was ready for pre school.

I have loved Hartbeeps from the moment I stepped into that world of music, bubbles and magic sprinkles. You take that step, that journey down the rabbit hole, into a world of imagination. Hartbeeps is the most magical experience and Phoebe and I were hooked from the start.

But it was also my safe place, where we were both welcomed and relaxed, not judged just loved.

I made friends I know will be with me forever.

I can't wait to meet you and your children and welcome you to our Hartbeeps family where we spend each week in a wonderful world of imagination and fun.

Emma Xxx

"Amazing classes! My little boy is an absolute fan of the babybeeps classes. ore and more smiles every week!"
"Started taking my baby along to our local session and she absolutely loves it."
"What a magical experience! For both baby and me.. My group organiser … is absolutely lovely and is so in tune with the mums and babies. you can tell she really loves her job too"