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Hartbeeps Medway

Camille Thomas 07756 814358
Camille Thomas - Session Leader
Camille Thomas

Hello, I'm Camille I am the owner of Hartbeeps Medway and mum to 2 beautiful daughters.

After becoming a mum for the first time I found myself transported into a whole new magical baby world. We attended many classes and soon came across Hartbeeps. The classes were so different to any others we had been to. My daughter was completely immersed into a new adventure every week. It was lovely to watch her light up with the songs and props and to see her grow as the weeks went by.

After a few sessions I knew I wanted to be part of this unique experience so I looked for opportunities in my area and I am so happy to now be part of the magical world of Hartbeeps.

I look forward to introducing more little ones and their grown-ups to Hartbeeps soon!

Camille xx

Laura Cottrell
Laura Cottrell

Hi, I'm Laura

I am a mummy to Sienna Rose who has just turned one. I, like most mums spent maternity leave visiting lots of different baby groups and worrying about managing a return to work. Hartbeeps was one of the most engaging groups we attended and with a background as a performer and teaching dance to children from toddlers to teens when the opportunity came up to join the team I had to grasp it with both hands.

I can now enjoy spending more valuable time with my daughter and also enjoy doing something which I love at work. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and bringing some of the Hartbeeps magic your way!

Laura xx

Ruth Pay
Ruth Pay

Hey! I'm Ruth - I'm a mum, doula and a My Little Hartbeep Imaginator. My life revolves around my family and the families that I work with during pregnancy, birth and parenthood. I wouldn't have it any other way; since becoming pregnant myself, I immersed myself into everything from the physiology to the politics of birth. It didn't take long for me to realise that people are deeply affected by their birth and postnatal experiences, often remembering minute details and holding onto emotions, good and bad for decades.

My Little Hartbeep sessions incorporate my love of nurturing pregnant people and providing space for open discussions without judgement or fear with giving back power to women with information and confidence. There are so many lovely touches during the group that I'm so excited to share with people and watch their faces light up like mine did in our training and planning.

As a doula I support families individually so I'm hoping to bring some of that intimate feel to the groups and really get to know everybody well - as well as everyone bonding with each other too! Hartbeeps is already a core of stability and community in the first weeks, months and years of their baby's life and I am really looking forward to adding to that family and supporting women as they do pregnancy and birth the right way for them.

Ruth x x

"Amazing classes! My little boy is an absolute fan of the babybeeps classes. ore and more smiles every week!"
"Started taking my baby along to our local session and she absolutely loves it."
"What a magical experience! For both baby and me.. My group organiser … is absolutely lovely and is so in tune with the mums and babies. you can tell she really loves her job too"