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welcome to Hartbeeps Cambridge and Ely
Hannah Grainger
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Hannah Grainger

Hi, I'm Hannah and I have recently taken over Hartbeeps Cambridge after working as an Imaginator for the last 2 years.

I was first introduced into the magical world of Hartbeeps when I started attending with my son when he was around 7 months old. I was attracted to the structure of the sessions and how the characters, songs and activities were all tailored for his age group and development. I also enjoyed how the sessions are aimed at giving grownups and little ones time to bond together, be it through wearing a silly hat or guilt free snuggles during quiet time!

I have always had a keen interest in theatre and singing, having been involved with several amateur dramatics groups and productions, so when the opportunity arose to be part of the hartbeeps magic, I jumped at it. Someone once said “find a job that you love and you will never work a day in your life" for me this is how I feel in my role as Hartbeeps imaginator. Even on those days where it's hard to get out of bed and the snooze button feels like your best friend, going to class and seeing the smiles and development of the little hartbeepers makes everything alright!

I look forward to seeing you at a class soon where we can share the magic of hartbeeps with you and your little one!

Magic Sprinkles


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Els Peacock

Hi, I'm Elspeth and I'm really excited to be joining Hartbeeps as an Imaginator and becoming part of the wonderful family! I am mummy to a very cheeky 8 month old little boy who finds my singing and dancing very funny! I grew up in a musical family and have always adored singing, and I love watching my little one respond to music.

I am also training to be a counsellor, and in the fullness of time I'd like to specialise in pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding counselling. Since becoming a mummy myself I have had a huge passion for all things baby related! In the little bit of spare time I do have, I love to unwind with some yoga. I can't wait to spread some Hartbeeps Magic to you and your little ones xxx

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Cat Betts

Hi I'm Cat, the newest imaginator at Hartbeeps Cambridge and Ely. I started in May after finishing maternity leave and leaving my job as a teaching assistant to continue spending lots of time being a Mum


My little boy is called Phoenix and he is 13 months old. He is a lively little monkey but very loving. I also have one fur baby; a black cat called Taylor


I'm married to Richard who I met while on holiday at the age of 12. He will likely be seen at lots of events as he's as big a kid as me!

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Laura Yardy Wong

Hello I’m Laura 


I live in Cambridgeshire with my husband (who is extremely out numbered) and our three girls aged 7, 5 and 2 along with our cat Blossom !

Being a qualified primary school teacher I was looking for a new role working with children and parents in a positive way but also something that allowed me to spend more time with my own children.

It has been so nice meeting all of you during my training days and I cannot wait to start my own classes in September.

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Louise Bamber


"It's brilliant fun, for the little ones and their grown ups too! We sing, dance and play with a different theme each time. The sessions are varied, up beat and the children get so much from it. I can't recommend it highly enough." Rebecca, Cambridge
We had been a regular at Hartbeeps before Covid and missed it a lot during lockdown. We had our first session back today since it started up and Hannah did NOT disappoint. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed herself ( as did I!). You can see the thought, time, effort and love that goes into the session so a big THANK YOU to Hannah for this. My daughter wouldn’t stop dancing! Cant wait for our regular sessions to start again. This is by FAR the best group we’ve participated in. Highly recommend xx Rachel Jennifer
We have been attending hartbeeps since my daughter was a baby and I guarantee you will leave every session with a big smile on your face. Now in Happy house, my daughter has grown up with the catchy songs and interactive characters. Sessions are fun, engaging and full of love - Hannah will always give 100%. Hartbeeps is the group that both my daughter and I look forward to the most in our week. Highly recommend Rachel Jennifer Jan 2022 Hartbeeps classes are fantastic.Me with my 2.7 years old toddler attended it and it was just magical. Hannah is such an expert to create a colourful world for little ones. They have music, dance, sensory activities and lots of fun activities in their classes. A perfect fun time for a little one and their guardians. A very planned full of entertainment fun filled classes which i would highly recommend. Soma
‘My daughter (and I) absolutely love Hartbeeps. It’s our first toddler group we’ve been to together after lockdowns and she loves it so much! Each week on Hartbeeps day she’s so excited to go and when we are there she tries to sing along and dance to the songs. I love watching her enjoy herself and engage in the group. It’s definitely developing her speech, confidence and imagination! Thank you so much and we can’t wait to join again next half term!’ Amy
We have been attending Hartbeeps classes since Molly was around 5 months and she is now 16 months. We both absolutely love it. Each week has a different theme so it’s always interesting. There are always so many props and fun things for the children to explore. Molly loves all the singing and especially bubble time. I highly recommend taking your little ones along, you won’t regret it. Harriet and Molly
I would love to say that the 2 sessions I have done with Hartbeeps, Els in particular, has helped me no end. Reuben enjoys going each week. I had noticed that Reuben loved sensory but was unaware of the amount of sensory toys and what play you could do. Since being at Hartbeeps, I have introduced Reuben to some of the toys that are used at Hartbeeps and we have lots of fun and much more stimulation at home. Keep doing what your doing Hartbeeps, you’re amazing! Parent to Reuben
Luke loves coming to hartbeeps. Luke is autistic with developmental, sensory and other problems hartbeeps has been great for him and he loves coming each week, Els makes him feel so welcome and caters for his needs xx Parent to Luke
Surabhi has been a Hartbeeper since she was 8 months old and now she is all of 2 years. We have certainly enjoyed every class from baby class to now toddler class. Every week the theme is very engaging, colourful and musical! Even during the lockdowns we did not miss out on the fun, Hannah made sure we got a dose of fun online and enjoyed the beeps! Then there were islands of fun too and now we are back to full fledged fun playing with fellow classmates every week. The booking is easy, the duration of classes is perfect. The classes are crafted beautifully allowing children not only to enjoy but be involved in tidying up after, teaching them essential skills, of course with loads of bubbles. We would definitely recommend Hartbeeps, make the most of it :) Vindhya
Oh my goodness what a wonderful class. Anyone who has the chance to needs to try hartbeeps. Els is just the perfect leader calm and engaging and obviously put so much work in to prepare. The themed props were so wonderful and so many of them - I couldn’t believe what goes into it all. G can struggle with overwhelm with classes but he was clearly happy to be there so this is not a one off. As usual he likes to do laps round the outside for the most part but it was all so exciting he REALLY engaged with quite a few parts and was obviously recognising the various sections of the class from what must be recurring songs and instructions. He even helped tidying when it was sneaked in as a game and was so proud of himself. It has structure but just the right kind so that G can still be himself. Unlike other classes where he wants to leave and I get stressed trying to draw him back in I was able to feel calm and really enjoy it with him in the way that he wanted to. Fiona