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welcome to Hartbeeps Camberley, Farnborough, Yateley & Sandhurst
Stacey Marchant
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Camberley, Farnborough, Yateley & Sandhurst
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Hi, my name is Stacey.

After the birth of my daughter I decided to leave the world of retail management. I took my daughter to a Hartbeeps session and after one session I was hooked. I had taken the journey down the rabbit hole and didn't want my adventure with Hartbeeps to end.

It brings me so much joy seeing the children grow and develop through the world of play.
Every session is different which means there are new adventures to explore, exciting characters to meet and new songs to sing.

Hartbeeps is a class like no other and I feel so privileged to be a part of this magical musical world.

I look forward to meeting you and your little one soon.

Stacey xx

Email: [email protected]

Stacey, I would like to Thank you for such a wonderful leavers party at Westfields Pre-school Playgroup. You helped the children celebrate in a way we couldn't have done ourselves! Thank you so very much, we look forward to seeing you again soon xx 5 stars - Julie Neil (Jul 2018)
I can't recommend Stacey's Hartbeeps classes enough. I take my two boys to her Happy House session at 360 Play. Even though the class is for toddlers, she makes sure my youngest (7 months) is included in everything. My 2 year old loves all the songs and comes home singing them. Stacey takes so much time and care planning her classes and the props and dressing up mean I have loads of brilliant pictures of the boys 5 stars - Natasha Morrow (Mar 2018)
I have been taking my daughter to Stacey's Hartbeeps classes since she was 2 weeks old. Now she is 9 months and we have just moved up to baby beeps class. Again, a wonderful class that Stacey puts so much organisation, imagination and most especially energy in to. We enjoy ourselves so much every week and have lots of fun. Thank you Stacey for all of your efforts 5 stars - Jordon Cook (Feb 2018)
I started bringing my daughter to Baby Bells from 6 weeks old. Didn't really know what to expect, but we were hooked from our first session and now she is 7 months (!!) and will be moving up to Baby Beeps very soon. We love the combination of singing with actions and baby sign and different sensory objects. Oh, and an added benefit is that she always has the best nap afterwards! 5 stars - Stacey Townsend (Oct 2017)
My daughter and I love Stacey's Hartbeeps classes; so friendly, fun and interactive! 5 stars - Laura Maheady (Sep 2017)
We've been going to Hartbeeps with Stacey since my little boy was about 4 weeks old. Baby Bells is a lovely gentle, friendly & relaxed class with so many different elements for baby to enjoy! My little boy is guaranteed to have a nice long nap afterwards too! x 5 stars - Leah Wagg (Sep 2017)
I took my 7 weeks old to Hartbeeps for the first time today. He absolutely loved it. I can't wait to take him back next week. He's now sound asleep and very relaxed after the session. 5 stars - Rebecca Wyllie (Sep 2017)
Been going since my little boy was 6 weeks old, he turns 6 months this week and is generally all smiles and laughs in the class and then sleepy afterwards.... 5 stars - Laura Gac (Sep 2017)
I can't thank Stacey enough for throwing a Hartbeeps party for my daughters 2nd birthday at the weekend… her creativity is amazing - I gave her a vague brief (a pig themed party!) and what she came up with was brilliant! Her energy and enthusiasm kept all the guests entertained and the children loved her! I can't recommend Stacey enough! Thank you! Louise (2021)
The class at 360 this morning was fantastic and very well organised! Thank you so much we can't wait to go again next week! Steph (2020)
That's a wrap! After about 3 and a half years of magic sprinkles and incredible memories the time has come to say goodbye! We are going to miss our weekly class but so much fun has been had and now it's time for new Hartbeepers to take our space! We cannot recommend Stacey enough, her enthusiasm is second to none and Hugo (and I) always has the best fun! We will miss not only the class but Stacey too xx Cat (2021)
It is a lovely group very well organised and has a variety of themes each week, no week is the same. I have learnt some sign language also attending. Would definitely recommend x Julie (2021)
We absolutely loved Hartbeeps, I took my daughter from 8 weeks old right up until a year when I returned to work. It was by far the best class in the area which we look forward to every week. Stacey is so imaginative and made every class fun, relaxed and so welcoming. It was lovely to watch all of the little ones develop over the weeks and have some well deserved time with other mummies. Expecting baby number 2 I am really hoping that we will be able to get back to classes again xx Hayley (2020)
I can't wait to find out when Hartbeeps is open for new classes. My son and I loved our Happy House classes and I look forward to bringing my daughter to baby classes too. 45 minutes doesn't seem long, but it was the best bit of quality time we had together all week and really treasured it. Thank you for making it so much fun and engaging xXx Hayley (2020)
Love Stacey and Emma at Hartbeeps! They are so welcoming and amazing with you and your baby! Also they come up with endless ideas each week, I'm in awe! Georgie (2020)
So amazing! My 8 month old daughter loves it and everyone is amazing there. Definitely our new weekly activity Kayleigh (2019)
Stacey did our 3 year old boys dinosaur themed birthday party at the weekend and he absolutely loved it! He had so much fun along with all his friends, would highly recommend her lovely lady full of energy too! X Faye (2019)
Stacy, I would like to say Thank you so much for giving the children a wonderful leavers party yesterday (10/7/19) at Westfields Preschool, Yateley. Sadly, we have now closed but you have given the children many memories over the past couple of years! Thank you, we all wish you well for the future xx Julie (2019)
Eva and I loved attending Hartbeeps. She started with Bells at about 5 months old and have finished our last Beeps class as I have to go back to work. It's more upbeat than other classes we have been to and if I had to choose only one it would definitely been this one. Lots of different songs (which you'll sing for days), activities and photo opportunities! Eva adores Stacey and would just follow her round all day if she could. Thank you, we look forward to doing a few more classes in the future when I get some days off x Laura (2019)
Stacey is amazing, always happy and makes great interaction with the children. If your looking for a sensory class with a lot of activity's and singing this is the place to be! X Sarah (2018)
Stacey is brilliant! Highly recommend both the Baby Beeps and Baby Bells classes. Classes are friendly and lots of fun (with dress up and props every week so lots of photo opportunities too!). Rachel (2018)
Always a fun time at Hartbeeps with Stacey. Stacey always makes every class full of singing, props and fun things to dress up the babies. All the babies particularly like the puppets! Friendly class and would highly recommend Xx Becky (2018)
We love baby bells! Have been going since my boy was 5 weeks and he's now 5 months! Lovely songs and a great mix of sensory and singing and more! Highly recommend Claire (2018)
I can't recommend Stacey's Hartbeeps classes enough. I’ve taken my son since he was three months and always look forward to our Wednesday classes. We also had a Hartbeeps 1st birthday party for my son and everyone loved it, even the adults! Would highly recommend. Stacey has such an amazing energy and can tell she has such a passion for what she does. We love Hartbeeps and looking forward to moving up to happy house Lucy (2018)
We asked Stacey to do our NCT groups joint first birthday party and all the babies and parents loved it! It was the perfect length of time for the babies who really enjoyed the jungle theme! Polly (2018)
Hartbeeps with Stacey is brilliant, every week is a new adventure and my little boy loves it! Stacey is full of energy and puts so much attention and effort into each class. I can not recommend Hartbeeps enough, definitely give it a go. Shradha (2018)
We love going to Baby Bells every week, Stacey's classes are so much fun. It's definitely our favourite class of the week, we get lots of smiles and cuddles and I couldn't recommend Hartbeeps enough for special baby bonding time Claire (2018)
I have taken all three of my children to Stacey’s Hartbeeps classes. My eldest daughter was part of her Happy House class for several months and always looked forward to her weekly sessions, she still misses them now! I then began taking my 3 month old twins to Stacey’s Baby Bells classes. I had initially been anxious about being involved in classes with two babies at once but Stacey immediately put me at ease and even used one of the babies to demonstrate the moves for others. This not only made it much easier to manage but also gave me a bit of precious one on one time with each of the babies- something which is otherwise tricky to manage! I could not recommend Stacey’s classes enough to other parents who are looking for a fun bonding experience with their little ones. Ellie Ashwood (January 2023)
Hartbeeps with Stacey is an amazing class! It's great that with the the different Hartbeeps sessions there's something from newborn up until school age! (So you don't have to worry when your little one keeps crawling/toddling off!) We've done several terms and intend to go back again soon! I love the energy and variety of Stacey's sessions, there's always something new for the little ones to explore with fun props to enjoy. My little one always enjoys the sparkly "sunshine" parachute. The songs are really catchy and we enjoy singing them at home too, especially the "Tidy Time" song! I definitely recommend ? Helen (January 2023)
I can really recommend Stacey's classes, my boys love it. Stacey puts a lot of time and effort into her classes and makes sure everyone is having a good time. There are lots of props, songs, dressing up, bubbles, lights. It is a great way to make some new mum friends. Joanne (January 2023)
If you’re considering signing up to Stacey’s class, just do it, you will not regret it! After moving to the area with my toddler during lockdown, we started Happy House and like a lot of children following lockdown, my daughter was shy and reserved, almost unsure how to play with other children. It wasn’t long before that changed and I give Stacey so much credit for giving her the confidence to flourish. I was gutted when my daughter went into childcare and we couldn’t do Hartbeeps anymore, but since then I’ve had my second baby and I’m so happy to be back again in Baby Bells! And on top of that, I’ve made some really lovely friends. Can’t recommend Stacey enough! Jessica (February 2023)
Thank you so much for the warm welcome and wonderful relaxed atmosphere every Tuesday! It can be daunting to start a new activity on your own (especially with a little one in tow!) but your classes are nothing but friendly and supportive and my 3 month old is starting to really respond to all the activities. When he’s not asleep of course! I look forward to seeing how he progresses with Hartbeeps as he grows! Ellen (February 2023)
I started bringing my little girl to Baby Bells sessions when she was 5 weeks old and we now attend Baby Beeps. We have been coming to Stacey's sessions for almost a year and still love every session just as much as the first time we attended. Stacey keeps the sessions new and exciting each week, with lots of energy and laughs guaranteed. She always makes you feel welcome and understands that babies have different needs and is always happy for you to follow your babies lead which is very reassuring as a new mum when you try something new with your baby. I can't recommend Stacey's classes highly enough. Steph (February 2023)
I’ve been coming to Hartbeeps since my daughter was about 10months. We would have started much earlier but couldn’t because of lockdown. I did Hartbeeps with my older daughter too and we absolutely loved it. I couldn’t wait to do it again with my second baby. The music and themed sessions each week are lovely and all the babies, toddlers and pre schoolers love the sessions and learn the different songs and routines. Stacey is lovely and has a great selection of props and sensory lights and toys for them to play with. She is so welcoming and puts you at ease from your first session! Hartbeeps is the highlight of our week. We LOVE your hartbeeps sessions G asks me nearly everyday if it’s a Hartbeeps day! Felicity (February 2023)
We started coming to Hartbeeps when my daughter was 6 weeks old. We started in Baby Bells. I had some attachment issues at birth to her, so was recommended a baby group to try and bond with her. I was recommended Hartbeeps by a friend. I initially was very nervous attending the group but Stacey made me feel so relaxed and welcome that we had the absolute best time. I was initially nervous because my daughter liked to scream and cry but Stacey assured me it was perfectly fine in the group and even the other mothers made me feel reassured. We’re now in Baby Beeps and my daughter is almost a year old and gets so excited to come to “Beep Beeps” as she calls it. My partner now takes her for “Daddy Daughter Time” and they absolutely love it! Kitty (February 2023)
Arlo loves attending Baby Beeps each week. It’s perfect for him now he’s on the move and can explore his independence a bit. The relaxed atmosphere means it doesn’t matter if he’s off playing with the toys instead of sitting on my lap. Quite often he’s just happy sitting in the middle watching Stacey! We love seeing the same faces each week and watching those babies grow, change and explore the different props and themes each session. The dressing up is a highlight for the Mum’s (maybe less so for the babies). Jo (February 2023)