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welcome to Hartbeeps West & South West London
Kimberley Newell
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EALING - Haven Green Baptist church 2 Castlebar Rd,, Ealing Broadway, London, W5 2DP
9:30 AM
Happy House
10:30 AM
Baby Beeps
11:30 AM
Baby Bells
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"Being quite a chilled out, and usually sleepy baby, I wasn't sure if she would be quite ready for it just yet, but I'm glad that I decided to try it out anyway. She was engaged from the moment we entered the room, excitedly looking around and exclaiming Premlata Fagan
"I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all the sessions of happiness and fun that Hartbeeps has offered us over the past one and a half years - it was our happy place! My little one started out when she was a little baby and is now a big girl. " "Our Happy Place!"
"It was a beautiful class, I’m so happy I found a lovely class to join in with my little boy Oliver. I’m looking forward to joining more classes!" "A Beautiful Class!"
"I've been going to Hartbeeps since my daughter was about 3 months old, she is now 14 months. We've been to all of the classes up to walking. Millie and Laura are amazing! Every week their energy and happiness is wonderful and contagious. They are fantastic with the kids and always are patient and sweet. I really think these two are great at what they do." Megan Bannings
"Just wanted to say thank you SO much to you and Millie for another amazing birthday party for the girls on Saturday. You put so much effort into making it fun and exciting for the children and they all had a blast. We had so many comments afterwards about how great the entertainment was, so thank you." Phoebe Matheson
“I also wanted to take the chance to say thank you so much to both you and in particular, Millie, for the classes we've attended, it was with out a doubt, one of Marley’s (and mine!) favourite classes and it got us through a very strange year as a first time mum. Millie is truly brilliant and Marley was so engaged with her. We looked forward to it every week and I’m sure we will be attending in the future should we have another little one at some point.” Marley's Mummy
“I am so grateful to Hartbeeps for all the hard work and effort put into making sure these classes go ahead. We were lucky enough to attend last term and even though Sonny looked grumpy most of the time ????, he loved it and so did I! I made some friends which is so important, especially this year when many of us have no one else, so I am extremely grateful” Happy Mummy - I made some friends which is so important
“I have so valued the classes as an amazing way to make memories and really quality time with my daughter” Quality time with my daughter
"Hartbeeps gave me much more confidence to sing and dance with my boy at home" Confident Mumma
I just wanted to let you known to at we were on the fence as to whether this was going to be worth the money given that Peyton is only 9 weeks old. We absolutely loved it - she was super engaged and the quality time together with movements to help her development were special. Thanks for this opportunity - and bonus that it’s about 1.5 blocks from my house! Peyton's Mummy Kenda x We were on the fence as to whether this was going to be worth the money BUT We absolutely loved it!
Laura really is an incredible teacher- I know that you will already know this but she really is so fabulous. I’m a child psychologist when not being a mum and I have tried a few classes and obviously know a few things about attunement with babies as a result and I have to say that Laura is very uniquely special- her talents are just spectacular. I have to say that Laura is very uniquely special- her talents are just spectacular.
Wanted to pop you an email because I went to my first class today and it was so so lovely I nearly cried! Not sure what came over me but it was a really wonderful experience. So excited about the rest of the term. It was a really wonderful experience
Thanks Kimmy and Alex! We had an absolute ball - I’ve never looked forward to Mondays that much, ever! You and the team do such a fantastic job to deliver a class that captivates little ones and brings huge grins to all the parents’ faces. Even my husband says ‘I wonder what Freddie will be dressed up in this week’ ???? The classes are without doubt a maternity leave highlight. We’re all booked in for next term! - I’m sure spaces are harder to get than Glasto tickets! We had an absolute ball. I’ve never looked forward to Mondays that much, ever!