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'Having attended several different classes with my daughter over the past three years, I can honestly say that Hartbeeps is the best one we have been to.  Our class teacher actively encourages children to respond to her activities in the way they wish, nurturing their curiosity and helping to build their confidence as well as encouraging their individual creativity.

 As a parent and teacher, I can see how much effort goes into the planning and preparation of each class, as well as how much time and money is invested in the fantastic resources for the children. The variation of activities, songs, props, puppets and musical instruments has kept my three year old engaged and excited and this has been the one class that she has never tired of or outgrown.

 I have seen my daughter develop in many areas including dance, rhythm, counting, communication, signing, musicality and imaginative play yet the atmosphere is totally relaxed, fun and upbeat – what better way to see your child learning than through fun!

 Hartbeeps achieves the perfect balance of freedom, creativity and structure, resulting in a totally fun learning experience for any baby or toddler. We are always in for a lively, colourful and fun surprise, with every class full of laughter.

I enjoy classes as much as my three year old and Hartbeeps is always the highlight of our week'.

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Making Music with Hartbeeps is Magic!!!

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"Hartbeeps sessions are top quality, very well planned and tick all the boxes for nurturing attachment, well being & sensory, social, language, motor, visual & auditory development. My baby amazes me in his response to each session. We very much look forward to a fulfilling & happy Hartbeeps future".

 Susanna Smith
Preschool speech and language therapist

Welcome to Hartbeeps...

Illustration by Elinor Caspi

'That introductory phrase has become ingrained in my mind, as I have been attending Hartbeeps in Elstree, run by Natasha Starr since the tender age of 12 weeks old. With branches all over the country, and soon to be unveiled down under in Melbourne, Australia, Hartbeeps has grown from strength to strength, inviting babies, toddlers and their parents into a sensory world of light, colour and sound. Creating portable wonderlands that can turn even the most mundane community hall into a vibrant seaside setting, or a rainforest paradise, or a starry dreamscape; Hartbeeps is based on the principles of Reggio Emilia, who championed a child’s ability to explore and express themselves via sensory experiences. Each week a new story is brought to life using practical, yet unusual props and puppetry to engage a child’s imagination with the characters at their fingertips.

Applying elements of music therapy against a backdrop of contemporary music, the Hartbeeps experience generates an interactive theatre for babies and children. Involving the parents in mimicking actions and singing along, further bridging the gap to create a wholly interactive experience for the child; the 45 minute sessions create a wonderful opportunity for bonding as child and parent alike escapes into a world of imagination'.

Classes suitable from birth to 5 years

sound play™ classes are delivered by our specially trained teachers.
At every class participants are transported into the world of the imagination,
interacting through play (THE best way for young children to learn)
within sparkly, colourful and sensory environments.

professional musicians have spent the past 10 years developing over 200 songs, sound bites and soundscapes for the early years,  which in turn have been timed, mixed and digitally produced to provide 'film' style backing tracks for every class.
We find that this specialist approach will optimise a baby/young child's ability to 'tune-in', enhancing their learning experience (uninterrupted) and providing a rich and highly interactive playground for the formative years.

Image by Jenny Photography


“Hartbeeps delivers a new, exciting, educational class for young children. The atmosphere, creativity and enthusiasm is incredible. The combination of specialised technology and an ability to interact with the children allows the Hartbeeps team to create fun, magic and theatre which is the foundation of what we at Hamleys do on a daily basis. The synergy between the brands is perfect. The organisation is fantastic and the delivery is impeccable. We have to be honest and say that the only criticism we have is that a session has to finish!”

Grant Yuill, Marketing & Events Manager, Hamleys, St Enoch Centre, Glasgow

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