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Anna-Belle - Session Leader

Hi, I'm Anna-Belle, and I run the Hartbeeps baby and toddler classes across South West London!

I started my own Hartbeeps in Clapham in 2013 when my daughter was just 7-months old. I'd been to every baby class going and nothing had touched or inspired me the way Hartbeeps did. I knew I'd found my calling!

Hartbeeps baby classes are specially created to help newborns, babies and young children learn, explore, develop great social skills and attain their appropriate developmental milestones while still being super fun.

My children are now at primary school and I still take them along to Happy House - watching your little ones play, pretend and grow in confidence is so special and it's wonderful for them to be encouraged to just be kids! There's so much pressure on them these days, it's amazing to watch what happens when you just let them be themselves in a fun and safe environment.

Whatever age your child is, Hartbeeps brings out their natural intelligence, imagination and self confidence.

Whether you're bringing along a newborn, a toddler, a crawler, a bum shuffler or a six year old, I'm sure you're all going to love Hartbeeps and we can't wait to welcome you along :-)

Drop me an email if you've got any questions or you can use our Hartbeeps online booking system to book a trial, drop in or sign up for the term.

Anna-Belle xx

Niamh McMenamin

Hi I'm Niamh, I'm staff manager of Hartbeeps South West London and you can find me in Battersea and Wimbledon bringing the magic sprinkles every week!

I am a trained singer and actress! My favourite things in all the world are singing and little ones – so I am so happy to be part of the Hartbeeps team!

I first came to a Hartbeeps class as a nanny and couldn't help singing along and being silly.

Come along and you will fall in love with the amazing world we create, just like everyone else.

It's so amazing to be able to say that I love going to work in the morning!

See you soon! x x x

Victoria Dewarin
Victoria Dewarin

Victoria has recently finished her Masters at Edinburgh University in Composition for Screen, graduating with distinction. She, also, graduated with a 2:1 at Royal Holloway University of London reading Music.

She's an amazing imaginator and loves entertaining the babies and young children in her classes and introducing the next generation to wonderful soundscapes and music!

Lola Oteh
Lola Oteh

Hi I'm Lola,

I am a Graduate of Goldsmith College, graduating in Drama and Theatre Arts.

Before graduating I wrote and performed two productions of my own the first play was called “Stranger Things Have Happened" which was performed at the Broadway Theatre Catford the second was called “Blues In My Life" a one woman show about the life of one of America's greatest Jazz legends Billie Holiday, Performed at the Latchmere Theatre Battersea.

I have facilitated after school drama workshops with primary schools using elements of both African and Western theatre I have just recently completed a residency at the Arcola Theatre in East London.

As a mum of a very energetic boy I always enjoyed the various activities and play groups that we attended but finding Hartbeeps was on another level.

I adore working as a Hartbeeps Imaginator it is so rewarding and heart- warming to see all the little faces light up during the sessions the smiles on their faces and the Joy of seeing them engage in the different adventures we go on whether its deep in the Jungle of the Serengeti or back millions of years to feed the Dinosaurs at Jurassic Park.

I am enjoying the magical carpet ride that is Hartbeeps and look forward to many days of Magic Sprinkles and Twinkly Tickles

Josie Jarvis
Josie Jarvis

Josie is joining the team in 2018! She's a mum of one and has been attending Hartbeeps since her son was a newborn. She's starting classes in Lambeth, Abbeville Road and Vauxhall very soon!

Check back for her bio.

Chloe Harding
Chloe Harding

Chloe has been a Hartbeeps imaginator since 2016. She's an incredible performer and when she's not Hartbeeping you can catch Chloe on the stage and screen. She's starred as Snow White in Panto this year and also visit nursery delivering Haartbeeps sessions as well as educational introductions to Victorian toys!

Anisa Moghaddam
Anisa Moghaddam

Anisa is an incredible imaginator with a natural gift for entertaining little people. Babies and children love her just as much as she loves them! While she's not Hartbeeping, Anisa has a succesful pop career supporting Boys II Men on their most recent UK Tour and participating in the Road to Eurovision competition on the BBC. Her vocals are amazing and it's a privilege to have her on the team before she gets HUGE!!! She already has a legion of loyal Hartbeeps fans.

"Amazing classes! My little boy is an absolute fan of the babybeeps classes. ore and more smiles every week!"
"Started taking my baby along to our local session and she absolutely loves it."
"What a magical experience! For both baby and me.. My group organiser … is absolutely lovely and is so in tune with the mums and babies. you can tell she really loves her job too"