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Hartbeeps Baby

Music Downloads

Hartbeeps has been producing bespoke musical tracks since 2003, when we penned our first track ‘Welcome to Hartbeeps’. We take inspiration from many musical genres and have lovingly re-produced popular children’s songs and heritage rhymes in full colour to be explored, enjoyed and in some case ‘belted-out’ by our little Hartbeepers. There is a song for every story, soundplay, rhyme, rap and happy clap and when its time for a snuggle-up there are plenty of beautiful tracks to snooze and dream to!

Your favourite puppets

Our puppet friends are an integral part of Hartbeeps and help represent the many stories and themes we love so much. We are so excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to bring one of your favourite Hartbeeps puppets to live with you at home. They are house trained and full full full of love and fun. Our puppets are happiest when being played with and helping children to explore emotions, speech and language, social skills, storytelling, along with learning new songs, rhymes and so much more. They are not keen on baths or washing machines, but prefer being sponge wiped.

Cool tees and Snugglers

Please note that all orders for Tees and Snugglers are handled by Michael Hope.