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welcome to Hartbeeps Preston
Laura Dewhurst
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Absolutely brilliant classes run by a super teacher who engages everyone so well, including the adults! My 3 and 1 year olds were engrossed from start to finish. Best baby class I've been to in a long while. Thank you! Chloe
Attended Hartbeeps yesterday. Great experience. Would highly recommend. Laura is full of passion, enthusiasm and energy. The sessions are well planned and thought out . ???? Victoria
We attended our first hartbeeps class as part of a charity event & both my and my son are itching to sign up. We thought it was amazing fun, really interactive & sensory. Laura does an amazing job at interacting with all the children. Can’t wait to come again to another session x Hannah
What I love about Hartbeeps is that it allows James to use his imagination instead of telling him how to play. Laura is brilliant and so enthusiastic, you can see she loves what she does and it’s contagious. I love finding my inner child and it really helps me to bond with my son. The “listening ears” song is amazing and it works at home too! “James, listening ears please!” Lol xx Jessica
Laura is amazing at what she does for the happy house class I have two children who attend her classes I have been to classes before in the past and struggled massively with the age ranges to meet both childrens needs ending in me taking them to two different classes at different times . my age gap is quiet small but developmentally it's quite different. I have a 3.5 year old and a 19 month old Laura manages to deliver a class to both of my boys at the same time which they can enjoy together with me, to me this is so much easier and watching them bounce off one another and the other children is fantastic. Laura manages to keep both children entertained and meet both their needs at one time.My youngest little boy is very shy and likes to be with me a lot and Laura every week has encouraged him to feel safe and venture off and have a play my boys and I have loved our first term lots of songs ..dancing..bubbles ..and cuddles this is a lovely one and one time to have with my boy and I love seeing the faces and what their getting out of the whole experience thanks so much Laura x x Steph
Beauden and I have loved our Hartbeeps experience right from the beginning! It’s such a fun and friendly class and set at a great pace to keep the little ones engaged! Laura is so passionate about what she does and knows each and every baby by name ???? If you’re not sure or are torn between Hartbeeps and another class - debate no more and give Hartbeeps a go! Laurie
Brilliant. I've taken my baby to a few different groups and this is definitely the one for us. Laura offers a good mix of sensory/playtime/singing/interaction, it's not too rushed, concentrates on baby development, and my little boy loves all her many many puppets! Jessica
We love Heartbeeps! Annie smiles through the entire session and I know she’s having a great time! I like that the sessions appeal to all of the babies senses and I can see Annie learning new things every week! Marika