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Hartbeeps Peterborough

Sarah Armstrong
Sarah Armstrong
Hi everyone!

My name is Sarah and I own the St.Neots, Huntingdon and Peterborough franchise of Hartbeeps. In April 2018 I bought the Peterborough area just before my son was born and during lockdown last year made the leap to expand and buy the St.Neots and Huntingdon area too.
I am married with two children, a 3 year old son called Jackson and a 7 year old daughter called Amelia. Both of their birthdays are in May, along with my Dad and Auntie so May is a particularly expensive month for me!
I discovered Hartbeeps when Amelia was about 13 months old and fell in love with it immediately! So she has known Hartbeeps ever since and my little boy has lived, slept and breathed Hartbeeps from day 1! Even my husband is often heard singing the songs at home! And I love the fact that I can practise all of the material on my littles ones and watch them develop along the way!
I am a qualified Secondary Drama teacher and taught for 10 years but when I saw the magic of Hartbeeps and all of the props and puppets that were used I couldn't resist a change of career and it was the BEST decision I ever made! I get to meet so many beautiful families and their gorgeous little ones everyday and get to smile lots at work, I LOVE my job!!
I can't wait to meet you and your little ones and share my love of Hartbeeps with you all :)
With magic sprinkles
Sarah x

Liz Collinson
Liz  Collinson

Hi, my name is Liz.

I have been working in nurseries over the past 10 years, both in the baby room and pre school room. One of my favourite things about working with children is hearing their conversations between each other, their imaginations running wild and seeing the beauty in items, allowing them to believe and pretend it is something else to help aid their game they have created. I also adore when children find each other hilarious and I've loved watching their brains soak up information and see the light go on when they understand something.

I absolutely love everything Disney and can often be found wandering around Walt Disney World in Florida as it's my favourite place to be. I was lucky enough to be proposed to in front of the castle on my 30th birthday. It was a perfect day and one I will never forget. We recently married on the 8th August 2021 after delaying the wedding 4 times due to Covid-19.

I'm looking forward to joining the Hartbeeps team - I love to watch the interaction between parent and child and I'm looking forward to hosting classes for you and spreading some magic sprinkles for your family!

Liz x

Laura Thompson
Laura Thompson

Hi everybody,

My name is Laura and I cannot wait to join the Hartbeeps Team! I have an almost 2 year old, Amelia, and we have attended Baby Bells, Baby Beeps and Happy House together since she was about 3 months old, so I have seen the magic of Hartbeeps as a parent first hand! Before I had my little girl, I was a local Secondary School Cover Teacher, but decided to become a stay at home Mum and so left that job. I now have a Soft Play Hire business for under fives and am excited to run Hartbeeps sessions too! I have an English Literature Degree, and did A-Level Drama & Theatre, directing and choreographing whole school shows in Sixth Form, so that's where my theatrical side comes from!

I lived in St Neots my whole life, before moving to Brampton in 2016 with my childhood sweetheart Adam, getting married in 2018, and having my little girl in 2019 aged 24. We are just about to move to St Ives too, it turns out little people take up so much room...!

You will see me out and about with Amelia, we are always at play groups, soft play, cafés and parks, so please give us a wave! I suffered with PND and I know how lonely you can be as a new parent, especially if you stay at home, and so I hope to bring a real community feel to my classes, where you feel safe and comfortable to chat about absolutely everything, and hopefully make a few friends too!

If you have any questions at all, or perhaps like me felt a bit nervous before attending your first baby groups, please do contact me for a chat. I am always here.

Laura x

Anna McBride
Anna McBride

Hi everyone,

I discovered Hartbeeps with my first baby back in early 2018. I fell in love with the enchantment of the sessions and the way it feels like you're on a journey of discovery that twists and turns with surprises and magic round every corner. Now I am the proud mother of two incredible curious humans and both of them love Hartbeeps as much as me!

I have a really varied background and have worked as a Performing Arts teacher, an Activities Leader at a charity for young people with disabilities, an actress, and set up my own social enterprise focusing on community engagement. I lived abroad in the Middle East for 4 years and I collect carnivorous plants. I love fairground rides, anything rainbow themed and my favourite characters are always the villains!

I'm so excited to be teaching Hartbeeps and can't wait to meet you all!

Anna x

"Amazing classes! My little boy is an absolute fan of the babybeeps classes. ore and more smiles every week!"
"Started taking my baby along to our local session and she absolutely loves it."
"What a magical experience! For both baby and me.. My group organiser … is absolutely lovely and is so in tune with the mums and babies. you can tell she really loves her job too"