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Hartbeeps Sampling Partner

Our Sampling partner Kiddylicious produce a delicious range of food and snacks for your little ones.

Kiddylicious is a global award, winning snack and meal brand for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. It is a truly innovative company bringing ‘great tasting food to babies’. Founder Sally Preston is a mother of two and a food scientist who previously worked for Marks & Spencer. Hartbeeps are delighted to partner a company who, like us puts the health and development of children at the forefront of everything they do.

Kiddylicious ranges all cooked with love include:

Supported Sitting and weaning + :

Wafers: carrot and apple, sweet potato and banana, strawberry, blueberry, banana or carrot flavours

Little Bistro: in sweet potato and cocont, garden pea and kale, creamed sweetcorn with potato mixed veggies with cheese or 7 veggies in tomato sauce flavours

Independent sitting 7 + months:

Little Bistro: chicken and vegtable, spaghetti Bolognese, fish and vegetable pie, veggie korma with brown rice, cheesy pasta with veggies flavours

Puffs: Strawberry, banana, blueberry or pea flavour

Crawling 9 + months:

Little Bistro: chiken tikka masala with brown rice, beef and vegtable casserole, chicken and vegtable risotto, cheesy curly pasta with veggie, chicken or veggie Sunday lunch

Straws: veggie straws or cheesy straws

Toddling 12 + months:

Little bistro Mini beef meetballs with spaghetti, chicken bites in tikka masala sauce with rice, mild beef chillie with brown rice, 5 veggie pasta with cheese, fishermans pie with vegtables

Lentil straws: sour cream and chive

Oaty bars: banana, raspberry or carrot flavours

Mini coconut rolls: banana, coconut or strawberry flavours

Fruity bakes: strawberry or apple flavours

Rice cakes: yoghurt or chocolate splashed

Smoothie melts: blackcurrant & apple, banana, mango & passion fruit strawberry & banana

Fruit Wriggles: apple, strawberry or raspberry flavours

Apple Crisps, Banana Bites and Gingerbread Buddies