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27th Jun 19

10:00am - 11:45am

The lodge at Pineapple Palace
RG19 3TL

Thursday morning launch sessions!

Come along to a one-off session at our lovely new venue at Pineapple Palace in Thatcham before we officially launch here in September! Booking a space at this session will also guarantee you 20% off your first booking at one of our new Thatcham sessions (offer valid at new sessions between September and December 2019).

10am - Happy House (walkers to 4 years plus younger siblings)

11am - Baby Beeps (babies from birth to sitting)

Ticket Info: Please use the link provided below to book your space!

Ticket Prices: £6.00 for first child, £3.00 for siblings

15th Jun 19

Fathers Day Rock Cafe (prewalkers)


St Cleer Memorial Hall

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