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16th Apr 19

2:00pm - 2:50pm

Country Park Rising Sun
NE12 9Ss

Bunny Easter Bop Party 2months- Toddling

The Easter Bunny was getting ready for a very busy day but it has a problem and so it has asked Hartbeeps for help.
Hartbeepers you will need to find all the eggs in time and enjoy our Hartbeeps favourite songs!
Gift for every child.

This session is for little ones newborn to sitting. No walkers to attend this session. If you have an older sibling then you need to book onto the sititng- walking session and bring your younger sibling.

Ticket Info: Purchase Online

Ticket Prices: £9.00

Cristina Cando-Rojo 07553 451588 -

20th Jul 19

Summer Baby Rave - end of term parties


Rhiwbina recreation Club

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